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I'm a social scientist concerned with clarification. Philosophy is the necessary tool to approach linguistic and methodological problems regarding our condition as human beings. My work in the fields of research, education, and corporate social responsibility raised several questions that have been left behind amidst the chaos. In Brazilian-Portuguese we say that hard-to-deal moments and elements in life (or thought) are like a "Riverbend". Tangles, mud, and many other unwanted things may hold water against flowing undisturbed, therefore demanding someone to take the necessary steps in cleaning the river. My passion for social-oriented projects, academic work, and writing aim at those issues. This “Substack” proposes to go back to all dragged and forgotten thoughts of my life and reexamine them under the light of one of the oldest knowledge-producing techniques known by humankind.

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- Rafael Antunes Padilha

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I'm a social scientist (University of São Paulo, Brazil), labor specialist (Penn State University, USA), master in contemporary philosophy and a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Porto, Portugal.